Did you hear? Dina’s Realm is available today!

Dina’s Realm is in the house! I’m so excited because I’d wanted to write Prince Nial’s romance for ages. When I thought about Tardar Nest, the spiffy new world for displaced Sixth worlders, of course I had to have his new princess living there.

I hope that if you treat yourself to reading Dina’s Realm that you’ll have the best time. Some of the officers from earlier stories make brief cameos, too. I might need to write part two novels for Turkh, G’nar, Deek, and Eldan someday. Except, the next romance among the alien officers is already nagging at me to get started. It might be a while before that happens. What’s the current work in progress on my computer for you to read? It’s Rawl and Sammy’s story of how they went from the Vahdmoshi reality show to the battle at Bolon.

The only bad side effect of the story I how I treated myself to double chocolate muffins as soon as I hit the publish button. Sorry, South Beach Diet. You’ll get a reboot tomorrow! It’s not my fault if Dina has excellent taste in guilty pleasures.

I’m so glad you’re coming along with me. I have big plans for this fall and am thrilled you won’t miss out on them.