Hello and welcome to my blog! There’s so much to write but today’s focus will be on Lin’s Challenge and the Intergalactic Alliance. I’ve had a blast creating an entire societal structure. While I don’t do information dumps in my works because they annoy the hell out of me, I can list out how everything fits together in Turkh and Lin’s galaxy.

Emperor is the ultimate leader of all the inhabitable worlds, even if they don’t know he or she exists, yet. Yes, there can be women emperors, or empresses, but with the current Emperor’s son, Daneul, it may be a while. Yes, the position is hereditary and the ruler is trained from birth to lead. I might have a fiction crush on the current Emperor, Eldan. He has to be so muted in his leadership while on Earth. I’m not sure if I conveyed his struggle to not boss everyone around enough. I might have to go in and tweak Pax’s Emperor a little to bring out the conflict.

Since emperors can’t do it all, the next category is Leaders. They coordinate and allocate the people and resources for the good of the galaxy. They create the laws based on what’s best for the people.

Enforcers, which are what my heroes Turkh, G’nar, and now Deek are, are equal to lawyers, investigators, and judges. They’re considered secondary leaders who report to the primary with concerns or new information. I’m having too much fun writing in this group and want to expand out into the other professions a little more.

Protectors, something the Enforcers above used to be, are equal to police, firemen, security guards. They are a bit nomadic with the entire galaxy their jurisdiction. Of course, each person has a section. Otherwise the fuel bills would be outrageous. Since several of our world’s police have serve and protect in their mission statements, I wanted the Alliance’s police force to be service focused. I might have to write more Protector heroes in the future, heavy on the Protector. I could see a Protector assigned to a half Earther, half Vahdmoshi princess after a truce… Um, that might be a spoiler on a much later book. Sorry, not sorry, lol!

Now that we have the legal part of the galaxy out of the way, I had to think of the supplies they’d need. This is where Producers come in. There are categories within this section, but generally Producers create food, clothes, machines, and tech. If it can be manufactured or made by hand, it’s by a Producer. Some in this section will oversee the machinery doing the actual work. Others will create their goods themselves. There’s some dissention in the galaxy over how to classify the creatives, or were until the prior Emperor set aside a category for them. It was a huge fight and paint was thrown.

Healers are pretty obvious as a group. Everyone from the higher echelon of surgeons and doctors to the very necessary orderlies and support staff are healers. I’m not sure if personal trainers are considered Healers, but then, wouldn’t they be?

With Creators, we’re back to the paint and book wars. Culture arts always had a priority on Ghar, even if the Vahdmoshi and other worlds didn’t agree. I’d be considered a creator on Ghar, so I’m a little biased on this category’s behalf. People who dance and perform are in this group as well.

Givers/helpers care for things in a non-medical way. Servants, waiters, receptionists, delivery people are all here. If you count on someone to repair, bring, or clean up a mess, they’re a Giver or Helper.

Innovators are who I wanted to be when I grew up. They do the necessary research for health, tech, and space explorations. If you need something invented or brainstormed, they’re the ones to visit.

Historians/Information curators play a significant, if hidden, role in the Intergalactic Alliance. Everyone’s nanos and bionans allow them access to the Galactic Datalinks. Correct and instant information is vital to most of the characters’ lives in my books. The Historians and Information Curators are the hidden heroes.

Instructors are another hidden hero in the Alliance. Even though teaching is automatic and personalized, the instructions need to be written. Plus, some issues need to be taught in person. While Ghar might have fewer teachers than Earth, they’re just as vital as any one of ours are.

Directors and overseers are tertiary leaders and usually people with charisma and leadership skills but not up for law enforcement. Most of them are Vahdmoshi, anyway. Middle management as needed and depending on the planet, either full of potential or real jerks.

So there you have it! The social and occupational structure of the best in the Intergalactic Alliance. I’m sure there’s more but I haven’t written about other jobs just yet. Considering how many plans I have for stories in the galaxy, I’m sure new discoveries are just waiting for me. I hope you come along.