What if your crush had an adorable son and ruled the galaxy? Paxton is an ordinary gal working in a daycare. Of course, she gives a doubletake to Eldan Luke every time he comes in to pick up his son. While Eldan’s assistant, Gunnar might be gorgeous, too, it’s Eldan who she can’t resist.

Can I admit I might have a bit of a crush on Eldan, too? While he might be my character and a figment of my imagination, he’s dreamy. I just have a thing for do-gooder leaders who are tall, bronze, and handsome. I also had a lot of fun putting an advanced alien on our world. It’s a time travel thing for the trio of Gharians, who have to keep their tech a secret from Earthers. Not easy when internal nanotechnology is taken for granted everywhere else they’ve been. Pax knows there’s something special about Eldan and his son, Danuel, but figure it’s her interest in the father influencing her.

Something I love about Pax’s Emperor is how it’s set in Albuquerque. I haven’t been back there in ages, but love the city. I’ve spent several weekends there, hiking and exploring all of the history. The commercial places are fictional. I don’t want to bring in real life experiences to something designed to take the reader into space. Still, Sandia Peak is lovely at any time of the year. I highly recommend spending time there and in Santa Fe, New Mexico if possible. Las Vegas and Raton are terrific, too. The whole state deserves its motto, “Land of Enchantment.”
Not that I intended this blog post to be a New Mexico love fest. What’s been fun about the time Gharians spend on Earth is how G’nar has picked up a lot of Earth slang. How much? You might have to read Xell’s Entrapment to find out. When Xelandra Perches is abducted by the Vahdmoshi, it’s up to G’nar to rescue her.