Welcome to the day after Tamera’s Fight was published!

While I know we all love Deek, how about that Rawl? Am I right? I didn’t have six books plotted for this series, only five. In fact, I have the next series already planned. But….that Rawl. I really want to give him and Sammy their own story.

Later, though, after I write Dina’s Realm. For now, we’re just going to chat about Tamera’s Fight. I’ll assume you haven’t read it yet, but it’s really one of my best books ever. Considering it’s my twenty-third novel, I’m glad I’m improving.

I really didn’t expect to write Enforcer BaKrell Dekron’s love story. In fact, Prince LucKrell Nial was supposed to swoop in, rescue Tamera, and carry her off to Ghar. Deek was so fun and adorable in Xell’s Entrapment, plus, he was passing through there anyway. Might as well stop in, find a bondmate, move on out to the next assignment.

Sleem the Khscc was also a surprise. He didn’t get any facetime in Lin’s Challenge, even though he was there and working. I love his laid back attitude and regret what happened in Tamera’s Fight. We could talk about it, but I’m not sure I’m over it just yet.

I know Sammy, an interesting character late on the scene, didn’t get enough time in the book, either. She’s why, okay, and mostly Rawl. Yummy yummy Rawl…. She’s why I’m toying with book six of the five-book series.

There’s a lot to talk about with Tamera’s Fight, but anything I want to say is a spoiler. Just go on and check out the Look Inside for yourself. Maybe when the book has been out for a few months, we can dish on all the OMG moments.  I might through in Nial does finally make an appearance late in the book. When he goes on to the colony named Tardar Nest to clean out corruption, he finds an ally in Dina. It’s going to be great, and I can’t wait to get started writing.

Want your copy of Tamera’s Fight in KU? Find it here at Tamera’s Fight (Intergalactic Officers Book 4)