What if an entire planet was infections? That’s what Xelandra Perches runs into when the bad guys crash land on Emol. She’s left behind with her dead friends and struggles to set up a life for herself on the deserted planet. Only after visiting an alien temple does she realize where she is and how precarious her situation is. Then, when a funny looking drone flies up to her new home, she’s both curious and scared.

Something I loved about this story is the us versus them aspect of Pax and G’nar’s relationship. He knew she was his from the moment he saw her on screen. I also love putting a character in a situation they’ve lectured others about if only to see how the person reacts. Do they resist, or do they follow the same path they waved others from? G’nar is such a by the book person. I had the best time making him break rules.

Plus, his relationship with Tira, his boss and sometimes lover? So much friction when she’d assumed he’d always be there for her. I might give her a love story, but we’ll see. Readers are happy with Earth woman and alien man and I love making readers happy.

One aspect I kind of want to change is the carnivorous flowers. I want them to be more aggressive. Now, the plants are a lot like Jack in the Pulpit flowers when I want them to be like Venus Flytraps. If you’re not familiar, Jacks use drowning to kill and eat insects while Flytraps live up to their name. The fly triggers the trap when drawn to the sticky substance the plants use. I think if the story was more hard core sci-fi than romance, I’d have focused on a lot more science. The geology, biology, technology…anyone else getting goosebumps? Probably just me.

What’s next? Tamera’s Fight, because you know the Vahdmoshi need entertainment, right? I feel like the sex slave aspect has been done by other and fantastically at that. What I’d like to bring out is the reality show contest aspect of humanoid behavior. Tamera has martial arts experience. Given her law enforcement past, this makes sense. Honestly? I can’t wait to write her conversations with BaKrell Decron, another law enforcement officer but on a galactic level. It’s going to be out August 30, 2019 and I can’t wait for you to read their love story.