Are you ready for a new story in the Intergalactic Alliance world? Rosa Peretti is a nurse in 1952’s Los Alamos, New Mexico when the predictable happens. Aliens abduct her, but not for long. She’s the responsible sort and decides to go to the authorities.

Don’t we all kinda know how that’s going to turn out? I mean, really?

Only, Enforcer NikKrell Searn is there to take her statement. He’s part of an elite group sent to Earth to monitor the sudden development of atomic energy by Earthers. The nanos help alter his skin tone and assist with languages. Our girl Rosa knows him as Special Agent Sean Jones. As a fan of Buckaroo Bonzai in the 8th Dimension, I had a tough time not giving Searn an Earth name like John SpaceGuy but resisted the urge. He needed something to help him blend in, not stand out.

Rosa is thrilled Mr. TallDarkHandsome actually believes her when no one else does. Even better, he helps with the lingering nightmares the Vahdmoshi have given her. There might be some sexy times in the book, yes.

By now you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on this story. Like, when’s the release date and do I have a link to it? Here’s the fun part. It’s free when you sign up for my newsletter. Yeah, you could do a sign and grab. People do and they can make that choice. However, when your part of my team, you’ll get advance news, exclusive excerpts, and prizes just for hanging out with me.

Drumrolll, please, because here’s the link:   Rosa’s Abduction.

Now, back to writing Dina’s Realm, featuring Dina Morris as an Earther on Tardar Prime and Prince LucKrell Nial who wonders why the colonists are suffering under Alliance care.